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Zac's blanketed with support

Glenn Stewart said he was “absolutely overwhelmed” by the turnout for the Zac’s Place Blanket Run on Saturday.

After garnering support from local media, a group of 44 bikers met at the Commercial Hotel Bowning at 10.30am, up from 18 last year.

The group, which also included some defence force riders, then drove into town at about midday, down Comur Street and pulled up at the Zac’s Place shelter on Pritchett Street.

Along with the blankets carried on the bikes, there were also a huge number of blankets donated individually at the shelter.

Mr Stewart said he “stopped counting” when the number of donated blankets rocketed past the 100 figure.

More than a hundred blankets were given to Yass Vinnies on Saturday.

“Vinnies has actually got back to me asking me where I want blankets to go, because there was more than enough for Yass,” he said.

“I think they are going to give some to the Salvation Army across the road as well as Vinnies in Goulburn and Young so that’s fantastic.”

The organisation then put on a barbecue and Mr Stewart said their new coffee machine was also well received.

“There was overwhelming feedback from people saying how they had a good time and asking if it would be on next year and things like that… it’s very different to the usual blanket run in the city because it starts at a country pub and the whole country thing was very novel.”

He said he was really intrigued as to what this success would do for Zac’s Place in Yass.

“I think we’ll get more people randomly dropping in on a weekend because it has introduced a lot more people to the organisation.

“Out of the 40 odd guys that rode with us I think only about 20 were Zac’s Place regulars so it’ll be interesting to see what it does for our profile.”

The Zacs Place Blanket Run attracted around 100 people.

Anyone interested in Zac’s Place should go to for more information.

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