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Zac's Place Inc

who we are

Zac’s Place is a not for profit started in 2011 by Glenn and Ros Stewart after they had spent 3 years in Swansea in Wales serving in a ministry by the same name to people on the fringes. They set up here in Australia firstly in Yass NSW with a community centre in an old tennis court clubhouse.


This place was transformed from a knock down to a safe and cosy space for people from all walks of life to come and be part of community. Many events and programs have been run from this space including drop in time and concerts, youth events, youth group and self-help support groups.

A need was identified for rural short – medium term housing so that people could stay in familiar surroundings and not be moved to the big cities if they were dealing with domestic violence, mental health or even their house burnt down. A property in Harden became available to use. They needed to completely renovate it and in return use it for accommodation. This home has accommodated one family and four other individuals in its two years of operation.


There was then an opportunity to open a gym and community centre in an old supermarket in Harden. Glenn and Ros are passionate that whilst they do apply for funding for programs from time to time, they want to be able to self-fund what they do so that they can be flexible to the needs of a community and each individual they meet. The gym is a commercial gym with people paying memberships however they also provide many community programs out of the space. One of the most successful is gentle exercises for seniors.


Not only have these people reported an improvement in their health and physical abilities, they report improvement in their mental health and sense of community as well. It has grown from one group a week to four times and a separate men’s only time. They also run tots time, youth group, dance for fitness for kids. They give the community the opportunity to access a martial arts school and yoga.

They also provide support and counselling to many people in the community from single people to parents of all age groups to older people all struggling with their own situations. They are involved in local groups to improve the community.

They currently are in the throws of renovating a second house to be used for crisis accommodation. This will be available for use later this year.

Glenn and Ros are always looking for new ways to support people on the fringes and build a real sense of community and belonging. They are grateful for all the support they receive from people in the community and wider through financial support and goods and services. They are always looking for new ways to partner with people to provide the support needed.   

Recent happenings

Zac's Place Yass in conjunction with SPARK Training + Employment have recently celebrated the graduation of it's 12 paticipants in the Yass Construction Program.

Over the course of the 12-week program, participants developed a range of skills and techniques, including but not limited to concreting, paving and brick-laying. Today, participants not only walk away with a Certificate II in Construction Pathways, but new friends, skills and bright future employment opportunities.

Read the full story HERE

sister projects

Hard Rock Gym

Another great project, also in Harden. 

We opened a community gym where people can come and get healthy, work out and take part in all manner of community events.

The gym has a large room full of equipment, conference and entertainment area, studio for dance and martial arts, pool table and table tennis.

Visit the facebook page for all of our events

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